I get my accreditation for the Festival Market

Watch out : Before you go through with your accreditation request to the festival Market, please check the needed documents HERE.

Deadline for accreditation : Monday, March 12, 2018

  • Process for accreditation :

STAGE 1 : I access my online form

Producer, broadcaster, publisher, agent, festivals, Cartoucherie members http://form.zonefestival.com/?k=fisv_g1
Scriptwriter, author/director, digital, video game scriptwriter, 2D/3D designer, writer, comics writer, composer, actor, or former participant (Marathons, Forums, Workshops, etc.) http://form.zonefestival.com/?k=fisv_g2
A group (minimum 5 people) from a company, union, commission, professionals associations, etc. http://form.zonefestival.com/?k=fisv_g3

STAGE 2 : I fill in the formular

STAGE 3 : I check my information and validate my request

WATCH OUT : Once your formular is validated, no further changes will be possible.
If you have any problem, you can get in touch by phone with us : 01 44 84 38 11 or by email to accreditations@scenarioaulongcourt.com

STAGE 4 : I pay online to end the accreditation process

  • Once your accreditation request is validated :

Once your accreditation request is done, you will receive a confirmation email via ZONE FESTIVAL.

WATCH OUT : after examination of your file, if your accreditation request is refused, your payment will be refunded.

  • To pick up your badge :

Your accreditation badge will be given to you at your arrival in Valence, at the Festival guest reception : Lux, 36 boulevard du Général De Gaulle, 26000 Valence.
For the daily accreditation, MIIE - DAY PASS : you will receive the accreditation pass before the festival via email. You can present it on your smartphone or print it in order to access the festival once you arrive in Valence.

Your accreditation is strictly personal.